More naps, rant, and REM incorrecly detected as wake

Above some more relaxation practices detected as light sleep. I was, or at least if felt like I was awake for half of the nap. I had a good nights sleep the night before so attempting to nap this day was useless anyway.

And up there is how I usually fall asleep. I’m talking about the 41 minute delay. I envy the people who can take power naps here and there, because for me the whole concept of a 20 minute nap is absurd. I just can’t fall asleep in that time.

There’s only one exception to my long time to sleep. Earlier this year I was able to fall asleep quick, when I was on a 3x90minutes triphasic sleep schedule. A machine designed by me was installed into a production line and I felt responsible for checking up on it day and night. The schedule worked well, except I got a terrible flu after two weeks. Sleeping less really does take a toll on the immune system… Afterwards when I no longer had the responsibility, I just couldn’t find another thing to motivate me enough to stay up all night.


I was kind of hoping neuroon would help me improve my sleep, whatever the way I decide to do it. In this regard I have to say neuroon has been a disappointment. I know it’s not fair to criticise a startup product still in beta, but there is one artificial limitation to the use of this product that appears to serve no purpose:

You cannot set an alarm outside the morning hours. Not even the “one time” alarm. How would, say, a shift worker or someone working the nights go about monitoring their sleep? Or waking up to the artificial dawn? The two actually valuable functions provided by the mask are completely out of reach for an evergrowing part of the population. This limitation is ridiculous. It is as if the company is using extreme measures to distance themselves from the idea of messing with your sleep, something the mask was initially marketed for.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, the joke’s on me. There’s and AM/PM slider.

Likewise, you cannot set a custom length nap. The nap lengths are fixed. This may not matter with short power naps where you’re supposed to wake before deep sleep, but the 90-minute “ultimate nap” simply does not work if it’s purpose is to give you equal amounts of both deep sleep and REM sleep. If it takes you 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep, you will not get anywhere near a full cycle of REM. The best way to fix this of course, would be to have the mask detect the end of REM cycle and wake the user at that point.


In my first post I mentioned having asked the support whether the mask hardware is technically capable of detecting the sleep-stage in real time. I got a message from the support today. They did not answer my question directly (or course…) but said that “We may add in the future the option of waking up when in the light sleep”. What I make of this is that it’s hard to implement and not their top priority at the moment.

Here’s a scheme I came up with to test the neuroon’s sleep stage detection. This power nap I had right after the 90minute nap mentioned earlier in this post. Once again I was awaken right in the middle of REM stage.

I knew that if I closed my eyes again I’d quickly go back to REM and land right back in the dream I was having, so I set neuroon up for a 20 minute power nap to find out what it finds out. Turns out it found no REM. I was most definitely asleep at the time neuroon says I was awake, because I woke up to the vibration alarm. At the time of the alarm I was also running on a beach, so I’m pretty sure I was in REM too.

It is probably difficult to distinguish wake and REM sleep from each other with the sensors in neuroon. Hopefully the algorithms improve over time.

I had a power nap at work today and another after work but couldn’t fall asleep during either so nothing to post 🙂


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